Friday, July 8, 2016

Weekly Top 3 {7/8/2016}

photos of the week

the art museum // the belgian cafe // philadelphia from the art museum steps

life in the city
  • AJ and I finally went the art museum on Sunday for the pay what you want day. It was crowded so we only ponied up $5 for the two of it. 
  • Headed over to BB&T in Camden to see Weezer and Panic! at the Disco. Perfect day to be out on the lawn.
  • Had my first water ice of the season. #ritas

around the internet
  • If you haven't heard, Pokemon Go is finally out. Unfortunately, the Pokemon website has also been down making it impossible to sign up with a Trainer account.
  • I have been obsessively reading The Financial Diet. There are so many really interesting articles on their about finance, saving, and budgets.
  • I splurged on this vest from Sam Edelman. I have been eyeing up black faux fur vests for a while and this one finally hit the sweet spot in my budget!

songs to check out

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